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Curious to learn more about the people behind Delta Hire? Meet our dynamic team of recruiters who are dedicated to help clients and candidates find the right fit. Our recruiters are savvy insiders who have cut their teeth working in the industries for which they recruit. They understand local market dynamics and keep a finger on the pulse to understand the trends happening in each industry. They are professional networkers and relationship builders who are motivated to create real change for both companies and candidates.

Noelle Federico

A published author and Master Certified Professional Coach, Noelle is the CEO and driving force behind Delta Hire. But that’s far from being her only title. She also serves as the Director of Project Management for Bryn Law Group, a seasoned concierge firm, founder of A Generous Heart, a non-profit organization that supports young literacy programs in local communities across the country, and the founder of Fortunato Partners Inc., a boutique communication, leadership development, and consulting firm. She is also the creator of The Working Warrior Mom and Revealing Leaders brands which have a collective reach of over 2.5 million people per month. Outside of work, Noelle can be found drinking coffee with her husband, John, and reading.

Josh Kerner

A people person through and through, Josh has always found the recruiting industry to be a natural fit for his personality. When the pandemic hit in 2020 and turned corporate culture on its head, Josh was already searching for the next big step in his career. Enter, Delta Hire: a newly emerging boutique recruiting firm that was looking for an experienced staffing professional to lead the charge. Josh made the leap and joined Delta Hire as President, ushering the company into a period of fast-paced growth and expansion. A devoted husband and father of three, Josh spends his free time with his family or making music with his friends as a self-proclaimed jam band enthusiast.

Matthew Orfely

A seasoned sales professional, Matt spent the majority of his career working in sales before a former boss casually mentioned that he would have a knack for recruiting. That’s all it took for Matt to consider a career change and turn his attention to work in a new industry. Matt quickly found his stride as a recruiter and began to learn the market, master the ins and outs of the business, and find fulfilling career opportunities for the candidates he was working with. In 2020, Matt found Delta Hire and joined the team as Director of External Recruiting. When he’s not placing qualified candidates in his work at Delta Hire, Matt is soaking up time with his family and immersing himself in any and all things sports.

Mike Ferguson

A musician by trade, Mike kickstarted his career as a small business owner, launching a local moving company with a good friend. Years later, while the business was thriving, Mike was feeling the strain that can come from starting a company at such a young age. His partnership eventually dissolved and Mike found recruiting while he was looking for the next step in his professional career. After cutting his teeth at a large staffing company, Mike joined Delta Hire in July of 2020 as the company’s second-ever hire. Now, as Recruiting Manager, Mike plays a direct role in the continued growth of the company.

Steven Waudby

A former professional basketball player and a lifelong networker, Steven found fast success in the staffing industry after transitioning from the world of professional sports. In 2021, Steven joined the Delta Hire team as a Senior Recruiter, attracting top-performing candidates with his consultative approach and unwavering commitment to results. In his role Steven also serves as a mentor and leader to the others on his team and dedicates a great deal of his time to training new employees. Outside of his work at Delta Hire, Steven can be found biking around his home state of Michigan, hiking, and spending as much time as possible with his family and his four legged companion, Teddy.

Karen Siegel

A former New Yorker, Karen cut her teeth working in the fast-paced world of PR and Marketing. A fast learner who quickly thrived, Karen spent time working at some of the top agencies in the city representing brands including The Ritz-Carlton and Estée Lauder, along with various other luxury lifestyle brands. In 2020, Karen turned her attention to HR and Recruiting, spending two navigating the ever-changing landscape of COVID corporate culture. Now, Karen joins the fast-growing team at Delta Hire as the newest member of the company’s Business Development department. As a new resident of Florida, Karen spends her spare time at the beach with her beagle puppy named Bagel or mentoring young women who are newly entering the corporate world.

Rhonda Bradley

A former administrator for a Miami-based property management company, Rhonda was feeling the burnout after her employer required her to distribute delinquency notices to tenants during the height of COVID. She knew she needed to make a drastic career change and came upon Delta Hire. Now, as a recruiter, Rhonda has the opportunity to help people step into their purpose as they move on to a new career opportunity, just as she was able to do for herself. When she’s not working at Delta Hire, Rhonda also works as an administrative assistant at a local law firm in Miami.

Ben Patten

No newcomer to the industry, Ben spent the past eight years working in staffing and telehealth, primarily focused on sales, IT, tech, engineering, and supply chain logistics. Yet, he always felt as though something was missing and was frustrated by the fact that he was largely working as a team of one, even within large companies. Looking for a career where he could be a part of a collaborative team, Ben reconnected with an old colleague for advice: Delta Hire President, Josh Kerner. It didn’t take much convincing for Ben to realize that he had found what he was looking for at Delta Hire. Now, when Ben isn’t on the phone or behind his computer, he can be found channeling his competitive spirit into tennis or basketball.

Bryant Miller

Working 10+ years in the corporate world, the staffing industry wasn’t initially on Bryant’s radar. With no upward mobility, Bryant decided to set his sights on a new career path in recruiting. With his people-first approach and self-starter attitude, Bryant found fast success in his role building long-term relationships with clients and candidates alike. Outside of Delta Hire, Bryant enjoys spending time in nature with his wife, son, and their Chocolate Lab Bailey.

Steve Lentini

A serial entrepreneur, Steve has dipped his toe in just about every industry imaginable. A published author, movie producer, business owner, and more, Steve was carving out a lucrative career for himself before a near-death experience in 2002 caused him to completely re-evaluate his life. After spending 100 days in the hospital, Steve vowed to slow down, bask in the moment, and revel in the joys of his life. Steve dedicated himself to professional development and leadership training and founded his own company which specializes in sales and customer service training. Now, at Delta Hire, Steve will be working with the fast-growing recruiting team on leadership development and sales training.

Erin Lockwood

A constant student, Erin has dedicated her career to learning about people in all forms. After earning her undergraduate degree in Family Studies and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, Erin went on to work as an academic advisor at Southern New Hampshire University for seven years before teaching an introductory course for incoming freshmen. Now, as a member of the Training Team at Delta Hire, Erin is creating content and leading trainings, focused on customer service skills and professional development. When she’s not teaching, coaching, or counseling, Erin is recharging by being outside, doing yoga, or spending time with close family and friends.